Cooking SOSF Free for my 17 yr old

Charity Partner

As a Woman-owned brand, we’re honored to support our Charity Partner: Consent Cabal, as they Empower Girls And Women w/ information on our rights to Our Time, Mind, Body and Emotions and raise funds to provide Girls and Women w/ protection items. Find out more about them here: and Support by Donating here.

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Many of you have been asking for support on your journey while you’ve been joining me on EatingForMyL1fe listened and is happy to say our new Sober Eating – Support Toolkit is Finally Ready(click here to check it out)’ll find various resources like Scheduled Phone Support, Refined Food Addiction/Overeating Recovery Tips, Withdrawal Symptom and Craving Support Tips, over 40 SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive Meal Ideas and Recipes and other Support info…hope it helps you as it’s been helping me.

My 17yr old is currently in the throes of applying to colleges(and all that comes w/ that) and lately has been feeling a bit too overwhelmed to fix her own meals like she normally prefers to do..she’s been allowing me to fix her meals..last night she was happy to eat this plate of SOSF Free (Salt Oil Sugar Flour Free) Plain Baked Potato w/ sprinkles of pepper, Plain Baked Sweet Potato w/ sprinkles of cinnamon and Plain Steamed Broccoli..feeling grateful she’s so open to eating this way and the privilege to prepare this for her..Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe #RefinedFoodAddictInRecovery

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