Sober Eating Support Tool Kit

Looking for help w/ Meal Planning? Could Really use some Mentoring on your journey? Book your 1-On-1 Mentoring TODAY here and access your Meal Plan Support here. In our Sober Eating – Support Toolkit (click here to check it out)..you’ll find various resources like Meal Plan Support, 1-On-1 Mentoring, Refined Food Addiction/Overeating Recovery Tips, Withdrawal Symptom and Craving Support Tips, over 40 SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive Meal Ideas and Recipes, Healthy Ways I Acquire Dopamine Hits and other Support info…hope it helps you as it’s been helping me.

Charity Partner

As a Woman-owned brand, we’re honored to support our Charity Partner: Consent Cabal, as they Empower Girls And Women w/ information on our rights to Our Time, Mind, Body and Emotions and raise funds to provide Girls and Women w/ protection items. Find out more about them here: https://consentcabal.com and Support by Donating here.

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Click HERE to enter your email address and receive your Free copy of 5 Tips that Have Helped Me in Eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive. You can also Click on the floating Follow Us box in the right bottom corner of this page and get new content delivered directly to your inbox.

K.I.S.S. (Keeping It SOSF free Simple) SOSF Free (Salt Oil Sugar Flour Free) Mashed potatoes(garlic powder, salt substitute (Mrs. Dash Table Blend), no-salt nutritional yeast, salt-oil-sugar free plant milk, parsley) topped w/ mixed vegetables(steamed plain, topped w/ Mrs. Dash Table Blend Salt Substitute)..it was delicious..sometimes it still feels surreal that abstaining (for the past 10 months) from salt, oil, flour, sugar and alcohol really allows my taste buds to enjoy such a “plain” tasting meal…but it’s really happening and I’m loving the Liberation that comes w/ it..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe #RefinedFoodAddictInRecovery

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