TODAY’S THE DAY! It’s my 1 Year Anniversary!!

Ayyyyyeee!! It’s Finally Here!! Please join me in Celebrating my 1 year Anniversary Today🎉🎊🎈💃1 year ago Today, after multiple failed attempts at eating SOFAS Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free) Whole Food Plant Exclusive (over a 3 yr period), I admitted to myself I was a Refined Food Addict and Overeater and I CHOSE ME..Again..and decided to give myself, and Recovery, a Fighting chance..I took info/science I’d learned, applied the knowledge to my life in the form of F.R.E.E.D.O.M., a 7-step process I created to Successfully get started and Sustainably continue to keep at this: kept my eye on my “Why”, Made SOFAS Free leafy greens my first meal Every day to cut cravings (and it worked!), abstained from SOFAS (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar), had fun and kept things as lighthearted as possible while trying all sorts of SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive Meal Ideas and Recipes, evolved into staying heavily hydrated, banished People-Pleasing and committed to just taking this bite at a time✨

YOUR support has been Super Instrumental in me getting to this point so, Thank You💕To show my gratitude, since so many of you have been asking, I’ve decided to OPEN Registration for Another 8 week Online MasterClass, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!, (2/1/21-3/29/21) and Enrollment is Available NOW here: First come, first served, Limited slots available, you all Really Don’t Play when it comes to Investing in yourselves😍 Here’s to our health💕#eatingformyl1fe#refinedfoodaddictinrecovery#crutchfreeliving#sofasfreeliving#wegotthis#journeyofhealth#leafygreensforfirstmeal#veggiesforfirstmeal#hydrate

Click on the following to get my Free, “5 Tips That Have Helped Me In Eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Exclusive”:

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