I’ve been learning that, when it comes to My health journey, as a Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery, perspective is Everything..these days the perspective that helps me most is: every day above ground…is a good what if the day didn’t contain “perfection” in regards to how I ate..or anything else for that matter..I’m still here, there’s no such thing as perfection and as long as I still have breath in my body, I get to continue to work at improving my health..pictured is The Cheesecake Factory’s take on my request to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple) Whole Food Plant Exclusive..once I explained the special doctor prescribed way I eat, they were happy to consult w/ me on how to take the produce they had on hand and accommodate me..Plated is plain steamed shaved corn from the cob, plain steamed potatoes, plain steamed asparagus and plain mushrooms sauteed in their own natural juice..sprinkled pepper on everything..and I had a bowl of plain strawberries for dessert (not pictured) was delicious and allowed me to happily share a meal w/ my daughter..for me, where there’s a will, there’s a way..and I have plenty of I make plenty of Ways..My New Ebook, “Eating For My L1fe (Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol, Sugar) Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive: A Liberating Journey” w/ details on F.R.E.E.D.O.M., the 7-step process I created to Successfully get started eating this way and Sustainably continue to do so, and over 40 of my favorite SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive Meal ideas and Recipes, is Now Available and included in the New 8 week online MasterClass, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You! or can be purchased separately..both found in our Sober Eating Support Tool Kit here: Https:// Here’s to our healthšŸ’•#eatingformyl1fe#refinedfoodaddictinrecovery#crutchfreeliving#sofasfreeliving#wegotthis#leafygreensforfirstmeal#veggiesforfirstmeal#hydrate

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