Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

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I’m Evon..and I’m a result, today, I’m sharing a random fact about….my L1fe…among the many Dope Ass skills and talents I’ve been blessed with: I’m a self-taught Face/Body paint artist…pictured is an interpretation and tribute I did, last year, of, and to, the Maasai tribal women…feel free to list one random fact about you below..Let’s get to “know” one another..Here’s to our health…and all the many facets of us that go into making our health…and us..up💕#eatingformyl1fe#refinedfoodaddictinrecovery#crutchfreeliving#sofasfreeliving#wegotthis#journeyofhealth#leafygreensforfirstmeal#veggiesforfirstmeal#hydrate

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