Chili’s, SOSF Free Style

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This is what it can look like to eat at Chili’s, SOSF Free (Salt Oil Sugar Flour Free) style...last year, my 17 yr old wanted to go out to eat here…so I called ahead, asked to speak to a manager, documented their name, informed them that I have special, health-related dietary needs and would love to see how they could assist me since my daughter wanted to come, and got a feel for the kinds of raw produce they had on site that I Actually liked…once I clarified they could either just steam or boil the corn on the cob, plain, and just steam the asparagus, plain, I double-checked it would be fine to bring my plain baked potatoes in w/ me, since they didn’t have a plain filling starch option…they happily told me that would be fine…it was beautiful to share a meal out w/ my daughter..When it comes to making SOFAS Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free) Whole Food Plant Exclusive eating, work for me, I refuse to tell myself it can’t work..where there’s a will, there’s a way..and I have plenty of Will…so I make plenty of Ways…Here’s to our health💕#eatingformyl1fe#refinedfoodaddictinrecovery#crutchfreeliving#sofasfreeliving#wegotthis#journeyofhealth#leafygreensforfirstmeal#veggiesforfirstmeal#hydrate

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