DOORS CLOSING: Today, @6pm EST, Registration for the upcoming Cycle 4 of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You! 8 Week Online MasterClass (starts next Monday, 3/1/21), will close as we are now reaching capacity..Continuing to look forward to another Spectacular class w/ some Reflective Breakthroughs (See Testimonial below from a Current MasterClass Student)😍…Congratulations again to all Enrollees thus far, who have taken a massive step for themselves and their future, We got this!! Registration available here:

A Testimonial from one of the Spectacular Students currently in Cycle 2 of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!, that started 2/1/21:🌟Timah says – “It’s the Accountability for me! In years past, I’ve tried everything…how refreshing it’s been to find a process, and Coach, that encourages Me to go within, reflectively take a look at myself and my habits, and Decide to make a Choice to change the trajectory of my health journey…because I want to…because this is what it looks like to care for myself…and I Deserve to be well cared me…all while Evon is cheering me on every step of the way..I’m Finally inspired about a future I’m Empowered to create!”

Here’s to our healthπŸ’•#eatingfomyl1fe#refinedfoodaddictinrecovery#crutchfreeliving#sofasfreeliving#wegotthis#journeyofhealth#leafygreensforfirstmeal#veggiesforfirstmeal#hydrate

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