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Scroll down to the bottom to see my 1st post at the beginning of this journey and read Up the page to follow along. Once done reading this page, you can pick up the rest of my journey, through the present, by clicking here. Thanks for joining me!

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4/1/2020 – This past Monday made 12 weeks in on this beautiful journey…the last few days I’ve been reflecting on how things have been going and I’ve found myself randomly getting emotional..33lbs down in 12 weeks..started @ 174lbs, now 141lbs..7lbs away from having dropped 40lbs..I find it very difficult to sit still these days because of all this energy I get from these SOFAS Free Whole Food ironic our current world climate isn’t exactly encouraging anyone to do much movement..and still, I’m grateful..grateful for improved clarity of thinking which assists me in continuing to have a peace of mind in these interesting times..Thanks to everyone here who has had a supportive and kind word for means the WORLD..Here’s to our health💞#WeGotThis #EatingForMyL1fe

And yes, those leggings are too big for me now😁

03/27/2020 – It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve set about intentionally increasing my water intake..I’m now up to about a gallon a day and only just realized that a few days’s manageable for me because I use a water bottle that holds 20oz, always keep it filled, start drinking w/in an hour after I wake, make it a rule that everytime I start on a new bottle, I have to finish it w/in minutes, look at getting my “bottles” in as one of my actual jobs, fill my bottle back up as soon as I finish one and don’t let more than an hour go by(that I’m awake and haven’t already had at least 6-7 bottles) w/out getting another bottle in..I see improvements in my sleep, loose skin shrinking up, complexion clarity, consistent BM’s, energy, clarity of thinking and weight drop..approaching this the way I’ve been doing has made it into a seamless transition and helps me want to “get my bottles” out of the way earlier in the day..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/26/2020 – Natural sugar, that is🍅Celebrating good health, love y’all💕

3/26/2020 – Over the last 11 weeks I’ve been intentional about learning to thrive in life w/out crutches: salt, oil, flour, alcohol and sugar..of course it’s felt easier when stress was that this “pandemic” has arrived, this journey I’ve set out on is being given its time to truly far, so Great..pic is of SOFAS Free LOTRL sweet pea/sauteed mushroom stuffed baked potatoes..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

03/25/2020 – SOFAS Free LOTRL Grain/Legume free Jerked mushrooms w/ spinach, roasted baby potatoes and a mango/cucumber/tomato spinach salad..just googled SOS free jerk seasoning for this…delicious😋Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe #wegotthis #journeytohealth #sofasfreelifestyle #leafygreensforbreakfast #veggiesforbreakfast #refinedfoodaddictinrecovery

3/24/2020 – SOFAS Free LOTRL Grain free Legume free Italian “Sausage” Mushroom Fettuccine(w/ spiralized potato)..this started out as a “I wonder if I..”..I just spiralized a potato, sauteed some mushrooms w/ no-salt veggie broth, some unsweetened plant mylk, nutritional yeast and traditional Italian seasonings and once going, added the potato until just al was amazing😋🌱Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/23/2020 – 11 weeks in, today, on this insightful journey..on this past Friday, had to give myself permission to deactivate social media, stay off my laptop and not respond to phone calls or texts until this morning(I already don’t watch live streaming tv, just Netflix and Amazon)..such a beautiful, quiet, seriously necessary recharge and break away from the “world” at large..since the gym in my building is currently closed due to CV, I’m not able to access the scale there and decided to try on XS and size 6 and 8 clothing(threw myself my own fashion show, complete w/ music😁)I still had in my closet from when I dropped weight from eating like this before..I was pleasantly surprised to find I’m completely fitting back in everything comfortably…I was in size 12-14/XL 11 weeks ago…continuing to be grateful for this WOE..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/19/2020 – SOSF Free hash browns(just seasoned w/ pepper and salt substitute) w/ a side of Well Your World’s SOS free ketchup..a delicious 2nd breakfast after my leafy greens🌱😋Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/18/2020 – Scrumptious strawberry banana n’icecream..just some frozen ripened bananas and a few strawberries blended in the Cuisinart..Here’s to our health💕#eatingformyl1fe #wegotthis #journeytohealth #leafygreensforbreakfast #sofasfreelifestyle #refinedfoodaddictinrecovery

3/17/2020 – SOFAS Free LOTRL Grain/Legume Free Mushroom Burrito bowl…Soo tasty..Here’s to our health💕#eatingformyl1fe #wegotthis #journeytohealth #sofasfreelifestyle #leafygreensforbreakfast

3/16/2020 – 10 weeks into this insightful journey and I’m finally in the 140s😍..3lbs down in the past week..25lbs dropped in the past 10 weeks..down 4-6 clothing sizes..improved emotion and brain the last week I’ve dramatically improved my water intake and cut grain, non-green legumes, oat and date consumption out and body inflammation/allergic reaction has decreased considerably..Pic is of a delicious SOFAS Free LOTRL meal of baked potato and sweet peas..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/12/2020 – Yesterday my 16 yr old surprised me by asking I make her a couple of baked sweet potatoes to eat, like I was making for myself. I happily complied😮😍 #eatingformylife #wegotthis #journeytohealth #SOFASFREELIFESTYLE

3/11/2020 – Yesterday, after preparing and eating a dish I’d convinced myself was “essentially” SOFAS Free (NOT a pic of it below), I took a closer look at an ingredient’s ingredients and realized belatedly the real reason I enjoyed (and previously enjoyed) this dish so much was because there was refined sugar in it…this realization and the aggravation I initially felt at the discovery reminded me how important self-compassion is..addiction really does Thrive in isolation and then becomes a prison of our own making..while I’ve isolated myself in the past while battling this refined food addiction, I Refuse to continue…thank you all for being here and apart of my connected tribe..Pic below is of a bowl of oven baked cauliflower tossed in a little Well Your World‘s BBQ sauce..made this a few days ago and was happy to discover, while using the sauce sparingly to have it last longer, I actually now Like the taste of cauliflower enough not to Need it heavily smothered in anything…Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/10/2020 – Peeled and cut up 4 small sweet potatoes into fries, put some pumpkin pie spice in a bag, shook potatoes up in bag and then oven baked around 400 degrees for 15-20 min..smelled and tasted delicious😋🌱#EatingForMyL1fe #WeGotThis #JourneyToHealth #LeafyGreensForBreakfast #VeggiesForBreakfast #sofasfreelifestyle

3/09/2020 – 9 weeks in on this beautiful journey..first time on this journey, no pounds down in a week..continued improvement in increased energy, clarity of thinking, improvement dealing w/ emotions, decreased cravings, neuro-adapted palate, inches dropped..this past week has been the most stressful since I started this journey so I’m celebrating getting through it with this WOE(way of eating) intact..pic is of Cathy Fisher – Straight Up Food’s SOSF FREE Jambalaya Stew I made..was delicious..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

SOFAS Free LOTRL Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos…just baked some cauliflower florets for about 10 min at 400 degrees, then removed them, tossed them in a little Well Your World’s Sriracha Chili sauce(SOS Free) and put them back in the oven for another 15-20 min, then place in lettuce shells and top w/ desired toppings…Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/5/2020 – #NSV (NonScaleVictory) I’m being reminded that SOFAS Free LOTRL Whole Food Plant Exclusive eating strengthens MY nails and therefore allows them to grow vs peel’s been feeling strange to have nails w/ a little length daughter laughingly reminded me she still has a video of me from the last time I was consistently eating like this and was making jokes about how long my nails were getting😁Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

3/04/2020 – SOSF Free Sweet Potato Pie..this tastes amazing..the filling is the Butterscotch Pudding recipe from Chef AJ’s book, The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss, page 253 and the crust recipe is below..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe


3/03/2020 – So in the spirit of being transparent, I want to share how my ego, addict brain and eating SOFAS Free out @ fast food spots and restaurants 3 days in a row had me actually starting to consider regressing back into a mindset I’ve been working to come away from: associating getting a breather from the 24 hr a day full time job that is being a single mom to my daughter with eating/ordering food I didn’t prepare myself..I observed these thoughts on this past Sunday after a very busy Bday weekend for my daughter and her leaving for a few hours..I was actually starting to let my ego tell me that since it had been 8 weeks on this SOFAS Free journey, I was tired, needed to celebrate getting a break from my daughter And had successfully been eating SOFAS Free Out all weekend, I could taste a new vegan processed “food” @ a fast food spot I’d been hearing about recently and would be “fine”..I found myself getting online, looking the nearest location up and trying to get someone on the line to verify they had the new “food” in store before heading out to get it…Gratefully no one answered the phone..which gave me time to…think…observe these thoughts…ask myself some important questions…and, although reluctant, look in the fridge and recognize that I did have something compliant prepared and really could eat that…and so I did…and breathed….and breathed some more…addict brain really is always in the corner doing pushups…waiting to get put back in the game…never sleeping…always ready w/ a viable “excuse”…thanks for reading..Here’s to our health💕#TransparentTuesday #EatingForMyL1fe #RefinedFoodAddictInRecovery

Pic is of a SOFAS Free salad NuVegan Café prepared for me this past weekend.

3/02/2020 – OMG..What a weekend..Celebrated my daughter’s 17th Bornday, chauffered her all over the DC Metro area, my car was hit by another and gratefully I still managed to eat SOFAS Free LOTRL all weekend long..Wendy’s plain baked potatoes helped out tremendously on Friday, RL showed out w/ a SOFAS Free LOTRL plate fit for the Gods on Saturday (plain baked potatoes w/out even a drop of oil on the skin, corn on the cob, steamed asparagus and steamed sweet potatoes) and a vegan spot prepared me a spinach fruit salad at a brunch we attended on Sunday..2lbs down in the past week, 22lbs down in the past 8 weeks..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/27/2020 – SOSF FREE oven baked tasting fries I’ve made thus far😋..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe
SOS Free Ketchup:

2/26/2020 – SOSF Free Seasoned Chickpea Tacos(just googled for ideas) tasty..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/25/2020 – Spicy Cilantro Lime Rice stuffed peppers w/ spiced tomato sauce and mixed veggies mixed in…Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

Spicy Cilantro Lime Rice:

2/24/2020 – Today I’m Celebrating 20lbs dropped in 7 weeks, all by eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe P.S.-That’s my 16 yr old daughter in the background playfully reminding me I promised I wouldn’t “act up” this time when I dropped weight😬😁

2/21/2020 – SOSF Free cheez sauce(many versions just a Google away) over seasoned baby red potatoes(just rosemary and pepper)..I’m really loving the fact that my palate is 6 weeks in to no Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol or Sugar, as that’s the only way my palate can appreciate this sauce…this dish was delicious 😋 Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/20/2020 – SOS Free seasoned black bean and corn tacos…simple and delicious..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/19/2020 – #NSV(NonScaleVictory)..6 weeks ago I couldn’t get this necklace clasped successfully around my neck(this pic was taken this past weekend)…I’m celebrating all of my victories as SOFAS free LOTRL Plant eating is Beyond good to me..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/18/2020 – I’m getting my neck back😁😁2lbs down in the past week..17lbs down total in the past 6 abundance of inches, down a few sizes in my clothing, very difficult to sit still these days, dramatic increase in energy, clarity of thinking improved, creativity being sparked on so many levels..SOFAS Free LOTRL plant eating is doing this body Beyond good..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe #TransitionTuesdays

2/14/2020 – Salt Oil Sugar Flour Free Buddha(or Burrito) bowl made last night..they were so delicious I’m making this again today😍Layers shown: Very top-cilantro lime tomato and pepper mix Farthest left-roasted sweet potato cubes Then corn Then spicy black eyed peas Then spicy cilantro lime brown rice All on a bed of romaine lettuce..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/12/2020 – My version of French “bread” pizza..They’re sooo delicious, SOSF Free😋My daughter split ’em w/ me..roasted potato slices as the crust(google Potato pizza), SOS free homemade pizza sauce(just googled and used the first one that came up) and SOS free homemade cheez spread(cannellini bean base-googled and I used the easiest one that came up as well) w/ mushrooms and spinach..Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe

2/10/2020 – Today makes 5 weeks in on this beautiful journey..down 1lb in the last week, 15lbs pic: FOK Spinach Potato Tacos..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

2/6/2020 – Mushroom taco FAIL😬😁I didn’t use enough mushrooms for the amount of chili powder the recipe called for and almost burned my mouth, they were so spicy😬😁Back to the drawing board..was a good laugh though😌🌱..#EatingForMyL1fe #recipefail #mushroomtacos #wegotthis #journeytohealth

2/5/2020 – Nutmeg Notebook’s Chili burgers were a Hit!! Even my ROTRL eating daughter gobbled up a couple..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe…/vegetarian-chili-burgers-2/

2/4/2020 – My Veggie For Breakfast(VFB) as of late…Spinach Salad w/ strawberry and mandarin slices..#EatingForMyL1fe #WeGotThis #journeytohealth #leafygreens #veggiesforbreakfast

2/3/2020 – 4 weeks in, this time around on this LOTRL journey and what a difference 28 days make..was excited to realize that in addition to 3lbs down since last Monday, my tummy no longer hangs over my leggings..I’m celebrating every win I discover..14lbs total dropped in 4 much more energy, ease of movement, clarity of thinking..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

1/31/2020 – As I’ve been following along in a support group I’m in, I’ve become very familiar w/ the saying “If it’s in your house, it’s in your mouth”…I’ve been noticing, like myself, a fair number of people in general are not fortunate enough to be able to have a SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive RightOfTheRedLine FREE home environment..personally I’ve learned over the years it’s important for humans to be able to choose and in my household we value respect for each other’s acquired tastes, whatever they may be, without judgement or resorting to shaming each I feel, by living w/ someone(my teen daughter) who eats different from myself, I’m getting a bootcamp experience that tests my resolve for eating the way I do EVERY FREAKIN DAY…and..I’m learning to be grateful for this experience..resenting my loved one is NOT an option..the potatoes pictured are what satisfied me after assisting my daughter fix a meal for herself reminisce of a dish I used to love to smell and eat..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

1/30/2020 – On this journey, one of my most important lessons thus far is reminding myself not to be afraid to mess a recipe/dish up…and THROW IT AWAY vs forcing myself to eat it…working thru childhood-instilled thoughts about not being “wasteful”…being gentle w/ myself..this pic represents a few different moves gone wrong..grateful for being emboldened to keep general..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe P.S.-this post is not about looking for “correct” ways to prepare the dish pictured, just a reflection.✨

1/29/2020 – Reminding myself to continue pushing the comfort zones..yesterday, decided to take my daughter to the movies so I ate before we went..once we got there, I spontaneously decided to make it a double between movies, grabbed a plain baked potato(well just pepper)from Wendy’s, drank plenty of water and was good to was definitely a test, particularly because of all the “smells” associated w/ the theater and my daughter consuming the origin of the “smells” right next to me but…I made it thru…guess the calm brain is starting to prevail..also, I’m intentional about getting out and living life while balancing that with eating LOTRL..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe #SnackFreeLiving

1/28/2020 – Veggies on the stove..first meal of the day smelling wonderful..may not look glamorous but they’re giving me alot of energy and a glamorous glow💕#EatingForMyL1fe #WeGotThis #LeafyGreens #VeggiesForBreakfast

1/27/2020 – For me, the weekends can be so very different from my weekdays…they can feel like a whirlwind and remind me how important it is to make time to eat..that’s how it was this past weekend..and I made it on the scale this morning and was reminded to go do a comparison between pics on day 1 and today, day 21..what a difference 21 days make, inches dropped, 11lbs dropped, already able to start wearing smaller sizes again, energy has dramatically increased, clarity of thinking is improving..down 1lb in the past week..I’m grateful..1/6/2020: 5’6 174lbs Today- 1/27/2020: 5’6 163lbs..Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe

1/24/2020 – Get2dRoot Health and Wellness, LLC, thanks for the recipes…Chickpea Veggie Balls w/ a homemade BBQ sauce..putting this recipe together has officially shown me I need an actual food processor in addition to the Vitamix I already have…Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe #AWorkInProgress

Chickpea Veggie Balls:…/chickpea-veggie-b…/…

BBQ sauce(Kickin’ Tomato Sauce):…/lentil-sloppy-joes/…

1/22/2020 – I’m grateful for the many times I’ve heard Chef AJ say “hunger is not an emergency”. Lately, and more and more, each time the addict brain tries to stage a rebellion behind a craving or against eating veggies for breakfast/first meal, I’ve been reflecting on that statement and just drinking water until I’m ready to eat my far I didn’t eat anything at all yesterday, just drink water..and life hasn’t come to an end…Beating these cravings isn’t an option for me anymore(it’s now mandatory) and eating veggies as my first meal is now my new normal, whenever addict brain is done with it’s temper tantrum…Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe

1/21/2020 –
Get2dRoot Health and Wellness, LLC‘s Cheezy Chick Peas and Broccoli(I subbed in Sweet Peas instead as I’m not a Broccoli fan)for the Win😍😍 Also didn’t include miso paste(couldn’t find salt free). Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe…/cheezy-chickpeas-…/…

1/20/2020 – Happy MLK Day✨When I need to switch it up I call on my sweet peas😌Today makes 2 weeks since I’ve started again on this Intentional journey..down 4 more lbs in a week, 10 lbs total..5’6 174lbs on 1/6..164lbs today…Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyL1fe

1/18/2020 – Yesterday, thanks to Get2dRoot Health and Wellness, LLC, I was able to make the most flavorful SOS Free collards to date and my own salt and artificial sugar Free ketchup for the First time..Starch was black bean mushroom burger(used dried chickpea crunchies instead of breadcrumbs – and oven baked potato wedges on lettuce bun w/ homemade ketchup..#OneDayAtATime..Here’s to our health💕…#EatingForMyL1fe

1/17/2020 – So I’ve been experimenting w/ not making fruit consumption apart of my daily diet, just veggies and legumes right now..but Wednesday the addict brain staged another rebellion and in an effort to avoid going ROTRL I picked up my Secrets to UWL book(by Chef AJ) to see how easy it would be to make the Butterscotch Pudding featured inside the was Super easy and was almost too sweet…saved by the bananas and sweet potatoes..Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

1/16/2020 – Reminding myself to get as much H2O in as possible. #EatingForMyL1fe

1/15/2020 – Salt Oil and Sugar Free Chili..made last night..pretty tasty.. It’s my 9th day in, battling these cravings but I’m pushing thru😌#EatingForMyL1fe

1/14/2020 – The addict brain really is a monster that keeps it’s pushup game strong!! Yesterday morning, in an attempt to expand my leafy green options, I cooked some kale. Lately what I’ve been doing M-F is bringing my veggies w/ me to my first stop of the day and eating them before getting out of the car. When I tell you I had to Force the kale down(anyone have any awesome cooked kale recipes?)!! My addict brain decided to stage a rebellion after that so all I did was drink water for the rest of the day and battle the weirdest cravings for stuff I haven’t consumed in years. Meanwhile, around dinner time I heard my daughter eating and discovered she was grubbing on some collard greens and black-eyed peas I’d fixed!! The irony-it figures this would be the day she would happily eat the LOTRL food, guess I’m rubbing off on her after all!😌Today’s a new day so I’m excited to observe what happens. Here’s to our health💕 #EatingForMyLife #WhenThisTemperTantrumIsOver P.S. – I already do eat other leafy greens, just posting about my experience with kale.💕 Update: Turns out I’m perfectly fine eating cooked kale piping hot, it’s just not appetizing to me at room temperature.

1/13/2020 – I can’t stop smiling😌Last Monday I finally decided to get started again on an Intentional journey to eat SOFAS Free LOTRL and develop My way to life-long sustainability and in 7 days I’ve already dropped 6 lbs..while recognizing long term weekly scale checks will not work for my mental health, I’ve decided to start out this way as a gauge for personal’s to our health💕 5’6 1/6 174lbs Today 168 lbs #EatingForMyL1fe

1/12/2020 – Learned my lesson from yesterday, had our 2nd day of freakishly warm weather here in the DC Metro area, so had to visit the beach, and made sure to come out prepared this time..and as a result was able to take my daughter to a sit down restaurant and they were happy to heat my black-eyed peas up I brought out w/ me..#EatingForMyL1fe #FreakBeachDayInJanuary

1/11/2020 – In a rush to get my daughter to her veterinary science program’s open house, though I’d already cooked my 1st 2 lbs of greens, I didn’t eat or bring them w/ me. I originally planned to take her there, take a few pics of her and leave to go back home. What I wound up doing was getting so engrossed in watching her enjoy herself so much and tell others about the program, so I stayed until she was ready to leave then took her to a mall nearby and waited outside in the car while she “ran” in to check on something she wanted. I cautioned her to move fast, as this was a mall that used to be a fav to come and eat Right Of The Red Line, I’m just getting started on this journey again and wasn’t interested in making life harder on me than was necessary. I swear, as I randomly would look up from time to time from making storage room on my phone, it was like the names of the restaurants were calling to me..gratefully my daughter made haste, and though it felt like an eternity, we were able to hightail it out of there after about 15-20 min. But then she reminded me she needed to stop at Target😑That stop was not as bad as I don’t have any ROTRL eating memories there, and by then I’d reminded myself about a stop I needed to make at the grocery store to grab some more LOTRL fuel. After she came out and I navigated the grocery store run, we were finally able to go home, where I realized I wasn’t even feeling starved after being out for about 5 hrs, just a little mentally drained from the anxiety I was feeling, being out and about unprepared. Lesson I was reminded of: ALWAYS take my food w/ me💕

1/8/2020 – Two of the main habits I’ve witnessed of people who eat the way I do and manage to successfully keep all weight dropped, off: eating veggies for breakfast and refusing to allow addict brain to take over..Initially the addict part of my brain fought that concept, telling myself I felt ill if I ate veggies in the morning because I’d been used to only eating fruit before 12 noon..but recently, as the temps have dropped, I observed I wanted something warm in the mornings and then the lightbulb went off: addict brain just didn’t desire veggies as the first meal because they didn’t seem that appealing, especially without salt or oil…in years previous, I’d already figured out which veggies I can tolerate eating w/out adding anything, so now, no excuses, as soon as I get up in the mornings, I’ve been immediately putting 2 lbs of frozen veggies in the pot…though it may take a long time, sometimes late morning or early afternoon, to convince addict brain to stand down to eat them, I’m eating them as my first meal. #BabySteps #FiguringOutARoutineThatWorksForMe #NeuroAdaptationIsTheGoal

1/7/2020 – So I discovered the power of caloric density and eating whole food plant exclusive, salt-oil-flour-alcohol-sugar free at the beginning of that point I was experimenting and dropped about 40 lbs…in the last 3 yrs as I’ve gained it all back, I’ve been observing myself..what works, what doesn’t, for me..most importantly, I desire to be intentional about eating this way for the rest of my life, not just until the weight, here I go, reminding myself perfection on this journey is not necessary, just actions that prove I’m choosing health over comfort…thanks to you all who keep this a world that seems bent on misinformation and shaming those who dare to do things differently no matter how difficult it might seem…here’s to choosing a quality life, whatever the length..5’6 174 lbs…#EatingForMyL1fe #DidItBeforeIWillDoItAgain #SustainabilityIsLife

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