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SOFAS Free: Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free – when I label a dish or drink w/ this, it means it’s been made omitting salt, oil, flour, alcohol and any sugar not naturally in the whole food plant, already.

SOSF Free: Salt Oil Sugar Flour Free – when I label a dish or drink w/ this, it means it’s been made omitting salt, oil, sugar and flour. If I don’t include alcohol in this label(i.e.-SOFAS) then it means the recipe wouldn’t normally call for alcohol anyway.

SOS Free: Salt Oil Sugar Free – when I label a dish w/ this, it means it’s been made omitting salt, oil and sugar. If I don’t include alcohol and/or flour in this label(i.e.-SOSF or SOFAS) then it means the recipe wouldn’t normally call for alcohol and/or flour anyway.

LOTRL/Low Caloric Density Specific: Left Of The Red Line – This refers to Chef AJ’s Calorie Density Chart..it specifies Average Calories per pound and Whole Food Plants Left of a Red Line vertically drawn down the chart, which are Whole Food Non-Starchy Vegetables, Fruit and Unrefined Complex Carbohydrates(Potatoes, Whole Grains and Legumes) and all have no higher than about 600 calories per pound.

ROTRL: Right Of The Red Line – This refers to Chef AJ’s Calorie Density Chart..it specifies Average Calories per pound and Whole Food Plants Right of a Red Line vertically drawn down the chart, which are Avocados, Nuts, Seeds, Nut Butters, Tahini, Refined Complex Carbohydrates(Ice Cream, Bread, Cheese, Sugar), Dairy and All Oils and all have between 750 – 4000 calories per pound.

Do I have a meal plan/menu?: No, I don’t. What I do have is Sober Eating – A Support Tool Kit comprised of various resources that have and is still helping me learn sustainability on this journey of eating Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free(SOFAS Free) Whole Food Plant Exclusive or Sober Eating. Click the following link to see it: https://eatingformyl1fe.wordpress.com/sober-eating-a-support-tool-kit/ I also eagerly spend time watching all sorts of cooking shows and diligently look for meal ideas online and then sometimes, I get “I wonder what would happen if I” moments and I’m off to the..kitchen. The main regularity I have is that I generally have leafy greens/veggies as a first meal of the day, followed by a starch, repeat as body calls for fuel and 6-7 20oz bottles of water throughout the day.

What spices do I use?: I use all sorts of salt, oil and sugar Free spices and seasonings. Feel free to click the following for my go-to salt substitutes: Benson’s Table Tasty and/or Mrs. Dash Table Blend.

What’s my exercise routine?: I don’t have an exercise routine as of yet. I’ve been intentional about not including an exercise routine while the weight dropped as I know I can’t outrun what I put in my mouth. This weight, so far, has dropped from specifically eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Plants Exclusive, LOTRL (or Low Caloric Density Specific).

What’s my goal weight?: I don’t have a goal weight. As a Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery, abstaining from Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol and Sugar assists in preventing me from being triggered to overeat, so this is lifestyle medicine for me, not about weight. I’ve been learning that, with this way of eating, my body will naturally find a weight it’s comfortable at, and adjust accordingly once my level of daily movement goes up, and I’m happy to let my body do so.

Have I ever reached a plateau? No, this isn’t about weight for me. See answer above.

What’s a sample day of meals look like for me?: So far, the most routine I have in my days are that I generally eat a first meal that contains leafy greens/veggies, followed by starch, repeat as my body calls for fuel, and 6-7 20oz bottles of water.

How tall am I?: 5’6

How do I saute without oil?: I use a non-stick pan, most times use a cover, low-heat and LOTS of patience..sometimes, if needed I may add a little water or no-salt veggie broth.(Feel free to click here for the set I currently use: NonStick Pots and Pans) Use only wooden or plastic utensils w/ this so as not to scratch the pan, the non-stick formula coating the pan, is not healthy to ingest if it’s scratched off and gets in our food.

What do I use instead of oil/butter?: I don’t use anything in place of oil/butter, I use techniques, mainly like the one described above.

How difficult has it been to me to give up Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol and Sugar?: To me, as a Refined Food Addict/Overeater in Recovery, I’ve found it’s wiser not to view this as “giving” these substances up..I’m making a conscious choice to Abstain from these substances/excitotoxins so as not to trigger overeating and negative reactions in my brain and body. The more I’ve been making leafy greens/veggies my first meal everyday, the more the thylakoids in the leafy greens have been cutting the cravings for these substances and the longer I’ve been abstaining from SOFAS, the more my body and palate has neuroadapted to Whole Food Plants without SOFAS on them.

In order to eat like this, does it mean I have a lot of self-discipline/will power?: My self-discipline and will power ran out a long time ago..I see this as gratefully, having information about how my body/brain is designed and what triggers me, a Refined Food Addict/OverEater to overeat and thus think about food ALL the time, have low energy, battle various issues like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, decreased clarity of thinking, decreased capacity to deal with emotions, etc…and to know that to make the daily choice, one bite at a time, to abstain from Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol and Sugar will prevent these effects/painful issues..I simply don’t do moderation of these substances well..at all..so I’m choosing, one bite at a time, to abstain from them. I don’t wear a cape, I burned it a long time ago. I’m E, an ordinary woman, learning everyday how to sustainably face extraordinary disorders, diseases and mental illnesses, and figure out to thrive in spite of these challenges.

Am I intermittent fasting?: No

Do I count calories?: No.

Do I count carbs?: No

Did I just “cold turkey” off everything?: To me, “cold turkey” has such negative connotations associated with it..I don’t like to use that terminology..as far as I’m concerned, everything is a process..and this journey is one bite at a time..everyone’s pace will vary in regards to removing these substances from our food and condiments..I allowed my body to let me know on a day by day basis when I was ready to remove another substance..I’m very comfortable with taking my time as I’m learning to eat like this in a sustainable way. I remind myself to be compassionate..with myself..I’m in no race or competition with anyone.

Do I eat meat, seafood, or dairy?: No

What do I eat when I go out to eat and/or when I’m out and haven’t brought food w/ me from home?: I eat the simplest plain whole food plants, that I already enjoy, that I discover, by speaking to staff and/or management at various eating establishments. Includes but not limited to: plain baked potatoes(maybe I’ll add pepper), plain baked sweet potatoes(maybe I’ll add cinnamon if they have it), plain steamed or boiled asparagus w/ a side of cut up lemons to squeeze over top, plain steamed or boiled corn on the cob(maybe I’ll add pepper), plain steamed or boiled veggies in general, plain steamed rice, plain raw spinach or romaine lettuce w/ various raw vegetables available that I like and a side of lemons to squeeze over top

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