Join me, E, a refined food addict and overeater, in recovery, as I’m #EatingForMyL1fe and learning to sustainably eat SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive.

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4/3/2020 – Welcome to all who are now following along on this journey w/ me..I’m E and I’m an #E4MLien(EatingForMyLife-ien😁-yes I know it’s corny😁)..thank you for your time…Grateful for this #SnackFree #SOFASFree #LOTRL #LowCaloricDensity Life…Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe

Acronym glossary:

SOFAS Free: Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free

LOTRL: Left Of The Red Line -refers to a chart Chef AJ put together that shows whole food fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, potatoes are lowest in caloric density and on the chart, those foods are Left Of a Red Line

ROTRL – Right Of The Red Line – refers to the same chart mentioned above and represents plant foods high in caloric density

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