Cathy, a student of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!: Coaching Immersion (Private 8 week Online MasterClass w/ weekly 30 min Phone Coaching Sessions) says: “Evon is an outstanding coach! Beyond putting me on track to get the weight off, she’s showed me how to be kind to myself and to engage in positive self-talk to show myself how much I love and care about Me. I’m grateful she never judges me or my food choices, just supports and motivates me as I evolve on my journey and figure out for myself what positively contributes best to my body. She’s a unique coach and as far as I’m concerned, for me, she’s the best out there.” The changes reflected in the pic occurred over 8 weeks w/ Cathy’s hard work as she participated in the MasterClass.

Mary G.🌟 “I highly recommend EatingForMyL1fe’s 8-week Online Master Class w/ Weekly 30 Min Coaching Phone Sessions, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!: Coaching Immersion! This course helped me to begin eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive, in a meaningful way. Before taking this course, I was interested in SOFAS Free eating. I was already researching and reading about the benefits and I even began to create small shifts on my own. However, it was not until I participated in F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good on You!: Coaching Immersion, that I found my real motivation to choose to eat and think in a different way. For me, the Coaching was essential to my success. The weekly calls challenged and encouraged me, providing a safe space to dive deeper into my thinking as well as a catalyst for growth, so much so, that I’ve since transitioned to receiving Long-term Coaching from Evon. I am forever grateful that I took a chance on myself by paying for and staying engaged in the MasterClass and Coaching. I love how I feel when I eat SOFAS Free!”

Timah, current student of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You! Cycle 2, says“It’s the Accountability for me! In years past, I’ve tried everything…how refreshing it’s been to find a process, and Coach, that encourages Me to go within, reflectively take a look at myself and my habits, and Decide to make a Choice to change the trajectory of my health journey…because I want to…because this is what it looks like to care for myself…and I Deserve to be well cared for..by me…all while Evon is cheering me on every step of the way..I’m Finally inspired about a future I’m Empowered to create!”

Anthony, current student of 8 Week Online MasterClass, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!, says – “As someone who’s been diagnosed w/ Type 2 Diabetes, I am happy to have started seeing dramatic improvements in my health within the first week of class..the way Evon consistently partners w/ me and meets me where I am (I’m currently still a meat eater) vs judging me or talking down to me, encourages me to keep pressing on..I’m excited about the improvement in my A1C levels, the boost of energy I now have as I’ve been adding more veggies and fruit to my daily intake and my improved clarity of thinking. I’m finally looking forward to continuing on this health journey of mine and for the first time recognize, w/ diligent work on my part, can actually Reverse this Diabetes diagnosis and other health issues!

Elaine, student of 8 Week Online MasterClass, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!, says – “The accountability provided is magnificent and super motivating..I’m finding the Food Prep assistance very helpful, it doesn’t feel nearly as difficult w/ Evon cheering me on..I’m appreciating the Personal touches throughout, the Weekly Motivational Moment Affirmation Videos are giving me a sense of connection..The expansive weekly Modules and accompanying Workbook Reflection Questions are driving me to get more in tune w/ myself..my Confidence in my ability to create my own Personal plan for myself is steadily increasing and it’s easy to trust Evon’s expertise as she makes it obvious she lives what she Coaches..I’m Excited to continue!

Kristina, student of 8 Week Online MasterClass, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You!, says – “As I move forward in class, I’m starting to feel better equipped to work on my habits. ..I’m learning how to analyze my triggers and create personal processes to deal w/ them..I appreciate Evon’s transparency, it’s obvious she can relate to what I’ve been going through w/ Refined Food Addiction and Overeating…it’s refreshing the Modules aren’t one-size fits all, but instead focus on my unique life and experiences..I love the pace and flexibility of this class, it allows me to fit it around my schedule..the Workbook Reflection Questions are helping me go within and work on myself..the Weekly Check-ins and Motivational Moment Affirmation Videos are personal and encouraging..I’m looking forward to continuing to be empowered to reflect and make changes as class continues!

“My name is Fonda Kitt Muhammad, and I too am a recovering refined food addict. And although I have been a vegan for 10 years, I am finally ready to admit, I was not making healthy choices. I had gained 30 pounds in the last two years. Went from 134 pounds to 164 pounds and was miserable, fed up, and determined to take control of my life. Then, I read your story. You are an absolute inspiration to me. I read one of your posts in the plant based group on FB. A month later, my 28 year old daughter and I started our No SOFAS journey. We agreed to make it a 90-day journey, and today marks day number 50. I have lost a total of 20 pounds, and the inflammation that used to cause my sciatic nerve to flare up has subsided. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It has inspired me to take control of my life. Because of you, I am . . . eating to live not living to eat thinking more clearly procrastinating less pain free carrying less weight I can go on and on, but I will stop with one last thought. With 40 more days left to this No SOFAS journey that my daughter and I are on, I honestly don’t want to stop. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. It has encouraged me to want to share mine.”

“Thank you so much!  Excellent information and tips – I want you to know that because I found you on FB – I’m currently on day 10 of SOSF free and down about 8 lbs.
Thank you for your inspiration and willingness to share your journey.” K.B.

“I saw your story and was inspired. I started doing SOFAS Free and am down 7lbs so far. Thanks for sharing your journey!” E.M.

“You are so inspiring, just soooo amazing. You inspired me to go SOFAS Free, I lost 7lbs in 10 days!” A.S.

“Because of you, I’m now 8 days into my own WFPB journey. I feel amazing already. One day at a time!” R.B.

“Your journey is so inspiring, you motivated me to start eating this way. I’m on Day 4 and thanks to you, I’m staying encouraged.” Q.L.

“I needed to see your story, thank you! I’m on week 3 of being SOFAS Free WFPB and still neuroadapting..looking forward to a calm brain and not being obsessed with food.” W.C.

“Evon’s transparency gives me an inside look at how she’s continuing to sustainably eat this way..which in turn gives me hope that I can do this as well” C.L.

“I appreciate Evon’s experience w/ the topic of mental illness and her willingness to talk about it and how it relates to how she eats, despite so many looking at it as taboo…she reminds me I’m not alone.” G.R.

“She’s REAL. I like how she reminds us we’re human, I appreciate the reminder when I have less than perfect days.” E.S.

“1-On-1 Coaching w/ Evon helps me simplify how to get started and take it one bite at a time.” J.Y.

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